Montreal Restaurant Guide: Gia

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Gia
The following capsule review of Gia is part of the 2023 Montreal Restaurant Guide. To read the complete issue, please click here.


The newest member of the Nora Gray/Elena group. Gia’s unlikely location, in a squat cement building behind a Home Depot, might not seem like an obvious place to open a restaurant, but it’s living proof that if you do things well, people will come. Open for lunch and dinner, the restaurant’s casual and convivial vibe is rooted in the Abruzzese tradition of grilling arrosticini (small skewers of meat cooked over charcoal) and drinking copious amounts of wine. The tour-de-force kitchen features Elena mainstay Janice Tiefenbach along with Willow Cardinal (formerly of Vin Papillon) and celebrated pastry chef Michelle Marek. Pop in for a full meal or pull up to “Wine Island” for a few bites and a glass or two of vino. (1025 Lenoir)

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Montreal Restaurant Guide: Gia

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