LISTEN: “Squelettes,” the new single by Maryze and Backxwash

LISTEN: “Squelettes,” the new single by Maryze and Backxwash
“Squelettes,” the new single by Montreal singer-songwriter Maryze (produced by Margo), is arriving just a couple of weeks shy of Halloween, and as a bonus the song features critically beloved, Polaris Prize-shortlisted artist Backxwash. The Hot Tramp Records artist premiered the track live last month during POP Montreal, but it’s here for all of us to listen to (and buy!). Maryze’s debut album will be released in the summer of 2021.

“‘Squelettes’ feels like a turning point. I think a lot of folks will find it’s quite different than what I’ve released before, but it’s also a return to my early musical inspirations. I’ve always loved darker and heavier electronic, emo influences and hip hop, so I’m excited to be blending those elements with Backxwash and Margo. It’s a new direction but also sounds like what I would have loved as a teen.”—Maryze

Listen to “Squelettes” here:

“Squelettes” by Maryze and Backxwash

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