15 Underrated Restaurants to Try in Montreal

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15 Underrated Restaurants to Try in Montreal

A dish from Restaurant Gus. | Restaurant Gus/Facebook

They’re serving delightful dishes from under the radar In a city that obsesses over which bagels, poutine, or barbecue chicken reigns supreme, it’s easy to overlook some great spots that might not receive the attention they deserve. Small restaurants eschewing delivery apps for local pickups, neighbourhood favourites with limited hours, mom and pop shops — Montreal is full of these unsung treasures.
Here, for your consideration, are 15 restaurants we’ve deemed underrated. There is no scientific measurement for what makes an underrated restaurant, and it might vary from person to person — one diner’s beloved neighbourhood haunt may be an unknown entity to many others in the city. Overall, two things unite the restaurants below: they’re good, and they deserve more mainstream love.
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