Valérie Plante responds to violent STM viral video

Valérie Plante responds to violent STM viral video
After a video of an assault by STM police went viral over the weekend, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has released the following statement.

”Several people shared an intervention by STM agents that took place this weekend. These are disturbing images, and an investigation begins today to shed light on what happened.”—Valérie Plante

Plusieurs personnes ont partagé une intervention d’agents de la STM qui a eu lieu ce week-end. Il s’agit d’images troublantes, et une enquête commence aujourd’hui pour faire la lumière sur ce qui s’est passé. #polmtl— Valérie Plante (@Val_Plante) April 19, 2021
Valérie Plante responds to violent STM viral video

The video, which can be seen below, depicts two STM inspectors restraining and punching a Black person, as bystanders attempt to pull the inspectors away. The incident occurred on Saturday on one of the platforms at Jean-Talon metro station.

Comment sommes nous sensés se sentir en sécurité ?— Dee (@whoisdeelan) April 18, 2021

According to the following statement released via Twitter this morning by the STM, the individual had jumped the turnstiles without paying for their metro ticket, and refused to cooperate with the inspectors. The confrontation became violent and the individual allegedly bit one of both inspectors, causing wounds that needed emergency care.

[État de la situation] Mise au point suite à une intervention survenue à la station Jean-Talon, le 17 avril.— STM – Prenons soin de nous. (@stminfo) April 19, 2021

As stated by Mayor Plante, an investigation into the incident started today, and more details will be be released.

Last month it was announced that STM police will soon be granted additional powers, including the right to make arrests.

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