REVIEW: Spilligion, Spillage Village, JID & EarthGang

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REVIEW: Spilligion, Spillage Village, JID & EarthGang

Spillage Village, JID & EarthGang, Spilligion (Dreamville/Interscope)

This loose-knit collective of rappers and producers hailing from Atlanta and Baltimore is a little difficult to keep track of in terms of who’s who and what group any of these contributors actually belong to, but the chaos is delightful. Recorded during the height of the pandemic’s first wave at a quarantine safe house (Spillage Village’s Atlanta studio), what began as a JID solo project morphed into one of the best things to happen in hip hop so far this year. COVID-19 has paid off in true posse rap, a largely bygone affair in modern music but a nonetheless critical part of what made hip hop grow past the ’80s era of groups and solo acts. Spilliigion hits like a psychedelic gospel trip from the jump. If the Griselda guys churched up and dropped LSD, it might come out a little something like this, but these artists are audibly having more fun than anyone on the East Coast will ever admit to. This album’s a keeper. 8.5/10 Trial Track: “Mecca”

“Mecca” from Spilligion by Spillage Village, JID & EarthGang

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