REVIEW: Porter Robinson, Nurture

REVIEW: Porter Robinson, Nurture
Porter Robinson, Nurture (Mom+Pop)

Making art about the creative rut you’re in is certainly one way to get out of it, and this is exactly what Porter Robinson does to stunning effect on his sophomore LP. The North Carolina native’s first album since 2014’s mesmerizing Worlds is a more personal and introspective effort than its sonically grandiose predecessor. Here, Robinson meditates largely on his bouts with depression and writer’s block, as well as his brother’s battle with cancer. Tracks like “Get Your Wish” and “Musician” drive these themes home, with “do-re-mi-fa-so- la-ti-do” and album closer “Trying to Feel Alive” symbolizing the rediscovery of his creative thirst and passion for music. Standout track “Look at the Sky” is lyrically full of hope and confidence in the future. With piano, strings, Zelda-like synths, pitched-up vocals and glitchy effects all adding colour to the instrumentation, Porter Robinson finds a sweet spot between his personal struggles and a musical emphasis on beauty that has long been his trademark. 9/10 Trial Track: “Look at the Sky”

“Look at the Sky” from Nurture by Porter Robinson

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