REVIEW: Partager l’ambulance, Misc

REVIEW: Partager l’ambulance, Misc
Misc, Partager l’ambulance (Bonsound) 

The local act fka Trio Jérôme Beaulieu is channelling the intensity of our current collective predicament into something incendiary, but instead of stark boots-on-the-ground storytelling, the absurdity of our brush with the end-times calls for clever experimentation and wild playing over a steady groove. There’s a preacher sample from the jump that’s a bit too hellfire and brimstone, but the rest rides confidently on a rollercoaster of despair and disbelief. The high water freakout from William Côté, Simon Pagé and Jérôme Beaulieu is a reimagined-yet-somehow faithful cover of Suuns’ “X-ALT,” now an unhinged metro ride through a crumbling psyche. 7/10

“X-Alt” from Partager l’ambulance

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