REVIEW: American Head, the Flaming Lips

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REVIEW: American Head, the Flaming Lips
The Flaming Lips, American Head (Warner)

It’s been a while since I kept up with the Flaming Lips — about a decade, to be exact. Since then, they’ve multiplied the day-glo TechniColor psychedelic curios, lining up incongruous collaborations and leftfield projects left and right. American Head hearkens back to their early 2000s sound: soaring-yet-accessible neo-psych with widescreen cinematic ambitions. As with most of their major-label work (I have to admit I’ll probably always prefer the “LSD punks” era), the gauzy spaciness feels a tad samey over the album’s 50-minute runtime, but for those of us who got off the ship with all the gloppy cartoons and Miley Cyrus collabs should take American Head as a great opportunity to jump back on. 7/10 Trial Track: “Mother I’ve Taken LSD”

“Mother I’ve Taken LSD” from American Head

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