Chris Boucher signs sneaker deal with PUMA

Chris Boucher signs sneaker deal with PUMA
The Toronto Raptors have been having a tumultuous season, with a 17-26 record. However, Montreal’s own Chris Boucher has been a silver lining of the team. He is poised to potentially earn both the Most Improved Player and Sixth Man of the Year awards.

Today, two-time NBA Champion Chris Boucher revealed the next big step in his career. The 28-year-old baller has officially signed a sneaker deal with PUMA Basketball. The news was officially announced via an Instagram post.

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Toronto Raptors’ big man Chris Boucher signs with PUMA Basketball.

Speaking to Complex Canada, the Raptors big man revealed that he will also be working with PUMA to bring basketball programs to cities across the country:

“I remember the days when I was starting out playing and there wasn’t as much help as there is now. I just want to be an outlet…I feel like there’s a lot of talent back home and if I can just help them by giving them brand new shoes or the opportunity of having something new, that’s something that I want to help offer the kids.”

Boucher and the Raptors are playing this season in Tampa Bay, Florida. The Canadian government previously banned the team from playing at home due to COVID concerns.

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