Digital gold: why hackers love Bitcoin – The Guardian

The GuardianDigital gold: why hackers love BitcoinThe GuardianAlmost a decade later – an age in digital evolution – those same agencies are absorbing the impact of a rather different and wider ranging breach of cybersecurity, and the potentially vast implications for the current criminal currency of choice …Hackers who infected 200000 machines have only made $50000 worth of bitcoinCNBCHardly Anyone Paying the Hackers? Because Using Bitcoin Is HardBloombergPerhaps it's time to ask if we really need bitcoinFinancial TimesnewsBTC -RT -RedSocks Securityall 54 news articles » Continue reading

Tech Update: IBM’s Blockchain, Amazon’s Alexa, Facebook’s Building 8 – Seeking Alpha

Seeking AlphaTech Update: IBM's Blockchain, Amazon's Alexa, Facebook's Building 8Seeking AlphaAdditionally, it confirmed it is working with SecureKey Technologies to develop a blockchain-based digital identity network for a group of Canadian banks, including the Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia, Canadian Imperial Bank … Continue reading

Time to Be Long Bitcoin (BTC) – Investopedia

Time to Be Long Bitcoin (BTC)InvestopediaI jumped on board the Bitcoin train last year and added it to my research platform. Our clients really enjoy it, whether they are actively trading it or just interested in the product. But of the biggest reasons why I decided to start including it in … Continue reading