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Bank of America Acknowledges the Threat Posed by Cryptocurrency

For all the inroads that bitcoin has made on the current financial system, it has yet to threaten their ascendancy. The CEOs of Paypal, Visa, and other legacy payment systems may have been monitoring the rise of cryptocurrencies, but they … Continue reading

New Cryptocurrency Debit Card Harnesses AI To Give Customers The Best Deal

sponsored The financial cryptocurrency platform is using their unique payment card which utilises AI for the most valuable purchases in real time. The increasing ability to pay for products and services using cryptocurrency debit cards is a physical representation of … Continue reading

Trading Tip `The Wall´ – Meet the TA Gods

Whether TA works or not is a topic discussed ad nauseam in cryptocurrency circles. As a cryptocurrency trader with a fascination for engineering, math and science, I backtested the entire spectrum of the most popular bitcoin TA indicators in early … Continue reading

Japanese Police Reveal 669 Money Laundering Cases Tied to Local Exchanges

Just recently Japanese investigators revealed they had obtained 669 reports concerning “suspected money laundering” tied to cryptocurrency transactions and domestic digital currency trading platforms. The linked data was derived from investigations spurred by the recent transaction reporting statutes licensed exchanges … Continue reading

Three Ways Your ICO Can Overcome FUD in the Market: Expert Take

The majority of investors aren’t Blockchain experts and need explanation without the industry jargon In our Expert Takes, opinion leaders from inside and outside the crypto industry express their views, share their experience and give professional advice. Expert Takes cover … Continue reading

Canada: TD Bank Bans Credit Card Purchases of Crypto Following Global Trend

One of the largest Canadian banks, TD Bank, stops customers from buying crypto with credit cards, following US J.P. Morgan, Citi and others. Following in the footsteps of several major banks globally, the Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD), one of the largest … Continue reading

Coinbase Informs 13K Affected Customers Of Imminent Data Handover To IRS

In ongoing legal battle, Coinbase has officially informed around 13K customers that the company will hand over personal data to the IRS regarding their accounts from 2013-15. US-based cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service Coinbase sent an official notice Friday, Feb. … Continue reading

US: Georgia Next State In Line To Accept Crypto For Taxes, Licenses

US: the Georgia state senate introduced a bill to allow tax payments in cryptocurrencies. The US state of Georgia is the next state in line to possibly accept cryptocurrencies as a valid form of payment for state taxes and licenses, … Continue reading

Overstock CEO Puts ‘Millions Of Dollars’ Into Unknown Coin, Compares To Bitcoin

CEO of Overstock Patrick Byrne said that he is “not really interested in cryptocurrencies”, with the exception of a virtually unknown new project, Ravencoin. Patrick Byrne, the CEO of Overstock, which was the first major retailer to accept Bitcoin (BTC) … Continue reading

Romanian Startup Targets $400 Bln Charity Fundraising Market With New Platform

sponsored The company is using Blockchain and smart contracts to enhance speed and security of payments and plans to add innovative features by integrating artificial intelligence. A Romanian startup has set out to build a specialized Blockchain-based fundraising platform for … Continue reading