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Doing What You Want With Your Money Is a Fundamental Right

Since the birth of Bitcoin, crusaders fighting for the separation of money and state discovered a new payment tool that bypasses the nation state’s control over the monetary system. For over ten years now, lots of people have been using … Continue reading

Circle CEO Says Tokenized Fiat Currencies Are on the Horizon

Circle’s CEO said that his company has long held that sovereign currencies will be tokenized, and that global money tokens are on the horizon. Jeremy Allaire, the CEO of blockchain-based, crypto-inclusive money transfer company Circle, said that the firm has … Continue reading

Cointelegraph Launches Korean HQ in Seoul, Expanding Presence in Asia

Cointelegraph celebrates continued growth with the launch of our Korean language version and the opening of a new office in Seoul. Cointelegraph is pleased to announce that we are continuing to increase our presence in Asia with the launch of … Continue reading

Blockchain Wallet Adds Support for Crypto Payments Processor BitPay

Blockchain Wallet is now fully integrated with crypto payment processor BitPay, allowing Blockchain users to conduct payments through its digital wallet. Crypto wallet service Blockchain Wallet has integrated cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay.Payments conducted through Blockchain WalletBlockchain announced the news on … Continue reading

House Financial Services Committee Will Continue Libra Review

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Bithumb Exchange to Launch Cryptocurrency Listing Committee

South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb is forming a new committee to oversee its crypto listing process, which will convene monthly to make listing decisions. South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb will launch a new committee in September that will determine which … Continue reading

Bank of England Governor: Libra-Like Currency Could Replace US Dollar

Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, has suggested a transformation of the global financial system by replacing the U.S. dollar with a Libra-like digital currency. Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, has suggested a … Continue reading

Research Suggests Tether Sentiment Could Provide Chance for Manipulation

New research from Augmento suggests a strong correlation between Tether sentiment and its market capitalization. New research from Augmento suggests a forward correlation between Tether sentiment, market capitalization and price, which could be manipulated or exploited to create arbitrage opportunities. It … Continue reading

Circle CEO: China’s Digital Currency Could “Bypass Western Banking System”

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said China is setting the pace in the development of a digital currency equivalent of its fiat currency, the renminbi. Powered by WPeMatico

Blockchain Will Integrate BitPay’s Payments System For Wallet Payments

The largest wallet provider, Blockchain, partnered with the largest bitcoin payment processor, BitPay. Powered by WPeMatico