A Running List of Montreal Restaurants Opening Their Terrasses Real Soon

A Running List of Montreal Restaurants Opening Their Terrasses Real Soon


With over 100 options (and counting) to choose from, starting on May 28 For many in the city, May 28 cannot come soon enough. The day brings an eagerly awaited end to Quebec’s nightly curfew and an official start to an already-belated terrasse season — all with an underlying message that things, at last, seem to be looking up for the province, coronavirus-wise.
Restaurants with terrasses are currently hard at work finalizing their set-ups and rebooting their operations, so that diners can — for the first time in eight months — sit down at one of their tables for some grub served on a plate — a real, breakable plate. Here’s a list of restaurants opening their terrasses in the coming days (some on May 31, others gradually thereafter), ordered by borough and neighbourhood. Before heading out, check their social media accounts or call for up-to-date information about opening times and reservations.
And while the excitement in the city is palpable, the return of outdoor dining is by no means a panacea for all. Many establishments in Montreal aren’t equipped with a terrasse because of permit restrictions, interfering bus routes, a lack of space or funds, or other limitations. Others have had to postpone their outdoor dining plans as they contend with construction delays, back-ordered materials, or nearby roadwork. If your favourite destination doesn’t have a terrasse in the works, remember grabbing some takeout and bringing it to a nearby park is still a worthwhile endeavour.
Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If a Montreal restaurant you know is opening its terrasse in the coming days, send us a tip at montreal@eater.com. We will be updating this list until June 1.

Le Millen (May 28)
Duc de Lorraine (May 28)

Hello 123 (May 28)
Pasta Casareccia (May 28)

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal (including Mile End)

Chez José (May 28)
Hà (May 28, at both locations)
Icehouse (May 28)
India Rosa (May 28)
Joséphine (May 28)
Lawrence/Larrys (soon)
La Fabrique (May 28)
La Prunelle (May 28)
La Raclette (May 28)
Le Roseline (May 28)
Lola Rosa (May 28)
L’Entre Pôts (May 28)
Lustucru (May 28)
Maison Publique (June 1)
Majestique (May 29)
Réservoir (soon)
Stella Pizzeria (May 28)
Ta Chido (May 28)

Le Sud-Ouest

Arthurs (soon)
BarBara (May 28)
Elena (May 28)
Maquis Yasolo (May 28)
Riverside (May 28)
Tacos Victor (May 28)
Tuck Shop (June 2)
Venice (soon)

Little Burgundy

Burgundy Lion (May 28)
Candide (May 28)
Joe Beef (June 1)
Le Fricot (May 28)
Le Vin Papillon (June 1)
Liverpool House (June 1)
Stem Bar (May 28)


Chez Sophie (May 28)
Foxy (May 28)
Grinder (May 28)
Le Richmond (May 28)
Lord William Pub (May 28)
Mano Cornuto (May 28)
Mauvais Garçons (May 28)
Nora Gray (May 28)

La Canting (May 28)

Bagatelle (May 28)
Cabotins (June 2)
Canard Café (May 28)
Hélicoptère and Café Hélico (May 28)
Resto-Bar le Pick Up (May 28)


Alma (May 28)
Boxermans (May 28)
Chez Lévêque (May 28)
Damas (May 28)
Le Petit Italien (May 28)
Rumi (May 28)
Thammada (May 28)
Uluwatu (May 28)

Little Italy and Marconi-Alexandra (“Mile Ex”)

Bottega (May 28)
Le Cagibi (soon)
Impasto (June 2)
Manitoba (June 2)
Marconi (May 28)
Mon Lapin (June 15)
Pizzeria Napoletana (May 28)
Salle Climatisée (May 28)
Umami (May 28)

La Petite-Patrie

Bar Mamie (May 28)
Bo’ Dégât (May 28)
Darna Bistroquet (May 28)
Il Bazzalli (May 28)
Isle de Garde (May 28)
La Belle Tonki (May 28)
Le Super Qualité (June 1)
Pichai (May 28)
Vinvinvin (May 28)


Elvita’s Latin Fusion Cuisine (May 28)
Hoogan et Beaufort (May 28)
Rose Ross (May 28)
Station W (May 28)


Café Milano (May 28)
Gusto (May 28)

Verdun/Nuns’ Island

Archway (soon)
Bar Verdun Beach (May 28)
Black Strap BBQ (June 2)
Kokochi Izakya (soon)
Palco (May 28)
Pavillion Snack Bar (May 28)
Pigor (May 28)
Rita (June 3)

Fleurs et Cadeaux (soon)

Bar George (May 28)
Beatrice (May 28)
Café Ferreira (May 28)
Ganadara (May 28)
Marcus (May 28)
Ryu (May 28, at both locations)

Latin Quarter

Ginkgo (soon)
Menthe et Couscous (May 28)
Saint-Houblon (May 28)

Old Montreal (inc. Cité-du-Multimédia)

Bevo (May 28)
Caffe Un Po’ Di Piu (May 28)
Graziella (June 3)
Jellyfish (May 31)
Kyo Bar (May 28)
Jacopo (May 28)
Maggie Oakes (May 28)
Modavie (May 28)
Perché (May 28)
Pub Wolf & Workman (May 28)
Terrasse Place D’Armes (May 28)
Terrasse Nelligan (May 28)
Vieux-Port Steakhouse (May 28)

Quartier des Spectacles
SAT Labo Culinaire – Foodlab (May 28)
Village and Centre-Sud

Aquinta (May 28)
Keela (May 28)
Le Passé Composé (soon)
Pamika (May 28)
Tendresse (June 4)


Etna (May 28)
Fanfare (May 28)
Lundis au Soleil (May 28)
Knuckles (May 28)
Moccione (soon)


Denise (soon)
Taverne Atlantic (soon)

West Island

Elixor (May 28)
Escondite (June 1, at all locations)
La Maison Verte (May 28)
La Verità (May 28)
Olé Tapas (May 28)
Resto Pub Bord’Eaux (May 28)


Aux Vivres (May 28)
Bistro La Franquette (June 4)
Park (May 28)
Taverne on the Square (May 28)

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