A Quebec version of Love Island is on the way

A Quebec version of Love Island is on the way
We are currently in a global pandemic, what better time to take on a new hobby watch an unhealthy amount of reality television? Love Island is one of the most popular reality television series these days. The show debuted in 2015 and has seventeen different international versions. Thanks to Quebec, we can now add an eighteenth edition.

A trailer for the U.S. version of Love Island.

L’île de l’amour is set to debut this fall on TVA. The first season will take place in Mexico. The series will be hosted by Naadei, a singer who made her reality television claim to fame with an appearance on last season of Occupation Double. Additionally, Mehdi Bousaidan is set to narrate.

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Singer Naadei will host the Quebec version of Love Island.

The series was first announced in October of last year. Déferlantes and Zone 3 and Quebecor Content will all have a hand in producing L’île de l’amour. Love Island is not the only reality series to be reworked for a Quebec audience. Big Brother Célébrités.

Fans can submit themselves to here. The application requires a history of one’s love life, their personality traits and a video explaining why they should be chosen.

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